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"Preserving the Carmel Valley Airfield for community use and emergency response is beneficial to our environment, neighbors, and first responders. Having grown up and now living in Carmel Valley, I know the airfield’s vital importance to our home.”
20th Congressional District Representative Jimmy Panetta
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“If the Carmel Valley Airfield was publicly owned it would definitely be an asset to the community. Over the past several years it has served as an emergency camping area for firemen. The 'Open Space' has allowed the public to use it for walking, exercise, running, exercising for their pets and also for Santa's Fly In. If the property was sold there is a possibility that the new owners would be interested in making it a 'Residential Housing' area. Let's work together to keep it 'Open Space'.”
Randy and Charlene Randazzo, resident Carmel Valley for 80+ years
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"I remember walking by the airfield and seeing all the temporary housing and helicopters and fire trucks and the brave men and women who were there to protect us, our homes, our community, our beautiful valley. So many residents brought the firefighters food and painted sign after sign saying "Thank you, thank you" Thank you, indeed. Their presence allowed us to know what to do if the fire came to our neighborhoods and also to have the confidence that a life-saving force was in our midst. We were proud to be able to provide them a home in our community, and we felt confident that they were fighting for the life of our community."
Lynn Archer, resident Carmel Valley for 29 years
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"I believe both Carmel Valley and Big Sur would greatly benefit from keeping the CV airstrip open for emergency use. With wildfires & changing weather patterns on the rise our neighboring communities (as a crow flies… just over the mountain!) is much more strategically sound when support is needed. Hopefully Community Gardens would enrich the area for the rest of the time."
Jody Kueny, resident Big Sur for 28 years
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“The Carmel Valley airport has been an important part of the entire community since it was built by my grandmother’s brothers, Byington and Tirey Ford just prior to the outbreak of WWII. Despite it being closed to private planes the airport served as a launching point for fire-fighting during the Sobranes fire. This was very welcome to those of us living in the Carmel Highlands as well as the people in Big Sur. I strongly urge we keep this landmark community asset intact and available for use in the future.”
Charles Osborne, Carmel Highlands resident
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"During times of crisis, this airfield in Carmel Valley Village has served as a staging area for first responders, stationing up to 1,500 firefighters during the 2008 Big Basin Fire. More recently, during the 2016 Soberanes Fire, it served as a critically important grounding and refueling base for more than a dozen helicopters. The airfield has additionally been used numerous times during other emergency situations to transport individuals to surrounding medical facilities. As an added benefit, the airfield is enjoyed as a recreational area for visitors, and is utilized yearly for events such as the “Santa Fly-In”— a tradition that has taken place in Carmel Valley for over 50 years.

I strongly support CVSOS’s dedication to preserving this land, not only to ensure future generations are able to enjoy the beauty of this cherished property, but to maintain the airfield as a key resource for natural disaster response in the region. I believe such a set-aside for continued public use would be beneficial not only for Carmel Valley but for the entire Central Coast."
Mark Stone, Assemblymember, Twenty-Ninth District


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