Who is CVSOS?

We are a group of community members concerned with the safety of our families and friends who are organizing to protect open space. Our first action is to raise money to acquire the Delfino property, aka, the Carmel Valley Airfield. Our community meetings have gathered over 200 interested neighbors, civic leaders and include land use attorneys and community organizers. We continue to grow through  word of mouth, social media and public relations.

What are the plans?

Public use could go in any number of directions. What would you like to see?  Please fill out our questionnaire online available here.

Who owns the property?

The current owner, the Delfino Family Trust, is supportive of our efforts and very much wishes the property to remain in use for the benefit of the community.

Who is supporting this effort?

We have the support of our Fifth District Supervisor Mary Adams. Her Chief of Staff, Kate Daniels, has attended all of the community meetings.  We are in the process of gathering other letters/pledges of support from political, influential and community leaders.

What work is the community doing to make this happen?

We have five working committees: Fundraising, Acquisition, Public Use, Outreach & Governance. We have held four community meetings so far, and numerous committee meetings. 

What are the characteristics of the airfield property?

The property is a develop-able 30 acre Low Density Residential zoned property surrounded by private residences, very close to Carmel Valley Village, the Tularcitos School and our Community Park.  The Delfino Trust has tried for over a decade to sell the property for development of 18 SFDs and 6 inclusionary units as outlined in the Carmel Valley Land Use Plan and the county General Plan.  The property is currently for sale as three separate lots, presumably for single family residents.

Who will manage the property? 

The possibilities may include Carmel Valley Recreation & Park District, the Regional Park District, the Community Youth Center or a non-profit Land Trust or Conservation Group ultimately gaining title to the property.

Please take our survey!

What’s the status of CVSOS?

CVSOS is a CA non-profit corporation currently awaiting approval of our 501(c)(3) status. Our public meetings provide updates on committee tasks and an opportunity for the community to get involved. You can receive updates on our website cvsos.org, and make a pledge of money and/or time. We are exploring methods of acquisition, including Transferable Development Rights and Conservation Easements. We are reaching out to regional Land Trusts and fiduciary umbrella organizations also. The Community Foundation and the Carmel Valley Forum have both offered to work with us as we start our fundraising efforts.

What’s the timeline?

Our efforts are urgent. The question is not if, but when, the next fires will threaten this beautiful area. For the safety and protection of our way of life please help us provide an open space for fire safety and emergency efforts now! Let’s not wait until its too late. We are organized and gaining momentum…we need your Pledge!

Site updated September 2018