MISSION: To save open space land in Carmel Valley for the benefit of the community.
  • We are a community group formed to save the CV airfield land from private development.
  • Objective: To Purchase the airfield property for emergency fire protection and as open space.
  • We are organized, with 400 members working in 5 committees.
  • We are honored to have the support of Supervisor Mary Adams, Assemblyman Mark Stone and Representative Jimmy Panetta.
  • We need your pledge, and then your donation, to make this a reality.
Board members

Alan Cosseboom:  Alan had a CPA office in Carmel Valley for thirty-five years but is now happily retired. He and his wife moved to Carmel Valley Village in 1971 and still reside at their home on Ford Road. He is the current treasurer of CVSOS.

Kathleen Hendricks:  Kathleen is a seasoned entrepreneur who has run successful businesses both large and small, including a high-end fashion boutique and a major restaurant group. Since 2003, she has been a licensed real estate broker, winning several company awards.  Her deep passion for her community has been demonstrated by her extensive community service.  She has served two terms as the president of the Carmel Valley Chamber of Commerce, one term as president of the Women’s Council of Realtors Monterey Peninsula Chapter, and served on the Local Government Relations Committee of Monterey County Association  of Realtors. She is the chair of the CVSOS Outreach Committee.

Joseph Hertlein: Joe completed undergraduate studies in architecture and a master’s program in urban and regional planning with a minor in public administration. His forty-five-year career has encompassed working for county governments and managing his own design-build construction company He worked for Lake County Illinois as Chief of Advance Planning and later for Monterey County California in the County Administrative Office – Intergovernmental Affairs. He has served on numerous community boards and commissions, including the Carmel Valley Recreation & Park District, the Monterey County Parks Commission, church Finance Council and Carmel Valley Rotary Club, along with being the current chair of CVSOS and head of the Governance Committee.  

Candace Lutian: Candace has been a Carmel Valley resident for 11 years. For the entirety of this time she has also been employed in the village. She has a background in both non- and for-profit administration, marketing and development. She has been on the board of the Monterey chapter of American Institute of Wine and Food and a long-term volunteer for Animal Friends Rescue Project and has worked with Legal Services for Seniors in Alameda and Healing Waters in San Francisco. She is the head of the CVSOS Public Use Committee.

Dale McCauley: Dale is a 25-year resident of Carmel Valley, with ten years as a local land use advocate, attending and participating in numerous county meetings during this time. He has been a small business owner and has experience in residential construction. From 1991 to 19l93, he worked as a fire cost researcher for Oakland Hills, so  community fire protection is a priority for him. He is the head of the CVSOS Acquisitions Committee.

Eric Sand: Eric has always had a particular attraction to Carmel Valley as both sets of grandparents lived here.  He has lived in Los Tulares since 2003 and is currently a realtor in  Carmel Valley Village.  Eric attended UCLA, majoring in computer science, and later worked as a software engineer for Hewlett-Packard before taking a position at the Naval Postgraduate School. He was appointed the first Management Information Systems Director at the Monterey County Office of Education. Eric has also been active with the Monterey History and Art Association, notably as chair and co-chair of La Merienda, the celebration of Monterey’s birthday. He is vice president of CVSOS and chair of the Fundraising Committee.

Sandra Schachter: Sandy first moved to Carmel Valley in 1970, leaving in 1983 and returning in 1999. She has a master’s degree in English and has taught at Columbia, Harvard, the American College or Switzerland, the Monterey Institute of International Studies, the University of Constanta in Romania, and Monterey Peninsula College. Sandy was a founding member of the Friends of the Carmel Valley Library and has served as secretary on the boards of the Carmel Valley Angel Project and the Carmel Valley Association. She is currently secretary of CVSOS.



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