MISSION: To save open space land in Carmel Valley for the benefit of the community.

As of December 2020, the airfield property has been purchased by a private party. Although our original mission remains the same, we are now focusing on working with interested parties in an effort to preserve access for the community to the historic airfield property.

  • We are a community group formed to save the CV airfield land from private development.
  • Objective: To Purchase the airfield property for emergency fire protection and as open space.
  • We are organized, with over 400 supporters working in 6 committees.
  • We are honored to have the support of Supervisor Mary Adams, Assemblyman Mark Stone and Representative Jimmy Panetta.
  • We need your pledge, and then your donation, to make this a reality.
Board members

Mahir Agha

David Bellamy, Treasurer

Luana Conley, Communication Chair

Cynthia Hall, Nomination Chair

Zan Henson

Eric Sand, Chair

Sandy Schachter, Secretary

Suzanne Saunders Shaw

Lorraine Surprenant, Co-Chair

Catherine Zahm


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