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Dear Supporters of Carmel Valley Save Open Space:

As you may have heard, there has been an offer made on two of the airfield property parcels. Currently the property is divided into three separate parcels of approximately 10 acres each. To our knowledge, an offer has been made and is in a 90-day escrow with contingencies for the furthest west parcel and the middle parcel. This leaves the upper easterly parcel available for CVSOS to pursue; we may also be able to present a back up offer if the purchase does not go through.

Needless to say, we are disappointed in this news. Since organizing, CVSOS has pursued funding options, but has not at this time received the amount needed to move forward on a purchase. For review, in June 2019 CVSOS had an offer prepared to purchase the property. The offer was made with a request for an extended escrow which would allow for CVSOS to procure funding. The offer was not accepted and CVSOS did not receive a counter offer.

A major funding option CVSOS was pursuing was to work with the Carmel Valley Recreation and Park District (CVRPD) board to go through the process of establishing a benefit assessment, a special term-limited assessment to the approximately 2,000 home owners within the district boundary. CVSOS had surveyed community members on establishing a benefit assessment with favorable results. The details of the survey are in the CVSOS business plan on Although our initial offer was not accepted, CVSOS had continued to work with the CVRPD board on establishing a benefit assessment. Last week CVSOS was informed by the CVRPD that they were not interested in pursuing a benefit assessment in support of the community purchase of the property, but they were willing to support CVSOS in researching grant possibilities.

CVSOS remains steadfast in our mission and at this time are considering options. Community input and donations are welcome. In normal times we would gather as a community at the community center to work together. Since that is not an option, please direct your correspondence to the email below. You may also email me directly at

Lorraine Surprenant, CVSOS co chair
On behalf of the CVSOS board

CVSOS—a nonprofit community organization with 501(c)3 status. CVSOS organized in 2018 at the Carmel Valley Community Center.

Our initial goal is to acquire the former Carmel Valley airfield property. This 30- acre tract has historically been viewed as valuable Open Space for the community. This unique Open Space in the center of Carmel Valley Village adds value to the community with its beauty, easy access for walking, and for its use for emergencies and community events, such as the annual Santa Fly‑in.

Recognizing the unique value of maintaining this property as Open Space the community has come together through CVSOS in an effort to purchase this property. 

The property is currently for sale as three large developable lots and could be lost to us at any time. Development of any of this land will impact the ability for valley residents to use it as it has traditionally been used for walking, for nature enjoyment and for emergency services, including staging for fire fighting.

Our community has a rare opportunity to come together to preserve this jewel in the “heart of the valley” as Open Space for generations to come.


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