Carmel Valley Save Open Space

CVSOS Update April 2021

MISSION: To save open space land in Carmel Valley for the benefit of the community.

The CVSOS Board continues to work on behalf of the community. Although our efforts to purchase the airfield property did not succeed, Mr. Griggs has indicated that he may be open to working with CVSOS in the future. 


CVSOS is ready to fund raise and move forward with the purchase of parcel three, the eastern most lot, if Mr. Griggs makes the decision to sell. 


The CVSOS Board will continue to meet and work on our mission to secure open space and represent the community’s voice through our website,, and on Facebook at Carmel Valley Save Open Space. 


The survey conducted in February resulted in the participation of almost 300 community residents, and many comments were received. The results can be found at below. 


CVSOS is developing a list for review of possible other properties which the community supports purchasing as open space. If you have suggestions, please send property specifics. Click on our donate/comment or contact tab for options to submit.


Please reach out to CVSOS with suggestions, questions or concerns at We look forward to continuing to work with the community.

CVSOS—a nonprofit community organization with 501(c)3 status. CVSOS organized in 2018 at the Carmel Valley Community Center.

Our initial goal was to acquire the former Carmel Valley airfield property. This 30- acre tract has historically been viewed as valuable Open Space for the community. This unique Open Space in the center of Carmel Valley Village would have added value to the community with its beauty, easy access for walking, and for its use for emergencies and community events, such as the annual Santa Fly‑in.


Mahir Agha

David Bellamy, Treasurer

Luana Conley, Communication Chair

Cynthia Hall, Nomination Chair

Zan Henson

Eric Sand, Chair

Sandy Schachter, Secretary

Suzanne Saunders Shaw

Lorraine Surprenant, Co-Chair

Catherine Zahm


Site updated April 2021